Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Day, Another WDW Special...

It doesn't matter how matter how many times I've seen Disney specials, if there is one on tv, I'll watch. Currently, I'm watching a Travel Channel special that I've probably seen before, but I still love it! This particular special doesn't have a specific host, but has more behind the scenes, even pre-WDW pictures, than I've ever seen. It's amazing that I keep seeing new specials - I guess that means I'm not the most Disney-obsessed person out there...

On a non-Disney note, Noah had his 6 month checkup today. Adam and I were sure he was at least 17 lbs.. he was 14.12 lbs and 26" at his 4 month checkup. Somehow, Adam thought that he must weigh at least 18 lbs, but I didn't think he had gained that much.. and I was right! Our little guy is definitely taking after his father - he's 15.2 lbs and 27" which makes him in the 10-25% for weight and 75% for height. Impressive! If he had actually been born on time, he would have probably doubled his birth weight, but since he decided to stay inside for that extra week (and a day) he's just under doubling. The Dr. didn't think there was anything to worry about at this stage - at 9 months we'll know, but most likely he's got a fast metabolism like his daddy!

What does this mean for me? That I only have 15 lbs to carry around the airport on Saturday and around the parks for 4 full days!!!

And of course, I'm back to Disney! Melissa and I, both being planners, have been plotting our course for the parks for months. Since we're staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort, we'll have to bus anywhere we go, so we're not planning the days as Adam and I did last summer when he and I stayed at the Contemporary (great location, quite loud, but amazing to wake up to the monorail, all the characters at Chef Mickey downstairs, and overlooking Cinderella Castle. Unfortunately, when we're staying for 5 nights, staying at a deluxe resort is just not always an option. Plus, it's fun to check out new resorts.

Thinking about resorts, while in college when I really racked up my Disney hours, Crazy Aunt Ruth and I mostly drove up and back that day or we would stay somewhere cheap off of the property. However, I have stayed at the following resorts:

Disney's Grand Floridian - 1992 (ish) for a business trip for my father
Disney's All-Star Music - 2003 (ish) with C.A. Ruth and...? I don't remember that trip specifically...
Disney's Contemporary - 2009 - 16 weeks pregnant

Is that it? Adam and I are between the Wilderness Lodge (his pick) and the Boardwalk (my pick) for our trip in January when we're running the half marathon. We have a couple more months and a LOT of running before we reserve our rooms.

Back to trip planning.

If you're curious, our current plan for the parks:
We'll be starting out at whichever park has Extra Magic Hours in the a.m. considering we'll all be up early anyway, so we might as well take advantage of it before the temperature hits the 90's.

After lunch, we're planning to let the babies have a nice afternoon nap in the room, maybe go to the pool, and avoid the parks for the hottest part of the day - hopefully allowing us to be back in the park to enjoy the evening hours and ride the rides while everyone is waiting for the parades.

I found the schedule from my dear friend, Melissa and our plan is as follows:

Tuesday, June 15th -
Afternoon - Arrive at WDW, check into hotel or leave luggage with concierge, bus to Downtown Disney!

Wednesday, June 16th
am - Animal Kingdom *Extra Magic Hours*
pm - Epcot with dinner reservations at San Angel Inn (Mexico)

Thursday, June 17th
am - Magic Kingdom *EMH*!!!!

Friday, June 18th,
am - Hollywood Studios with lunch at the 50's Prime time Cafe
pm - wherever we want to go!

Saturday, June 19th, and my 29th (eek!) birthday,
am - Epcot then headed to the Board Walk for lunch reservations at Kouzzina
pm - back to my favorite - Magic Kingdom to finish up our trip

We leave on Sunday, Father's Day, and head back to visit with my family some more. All in all, it sounds like an amazing trip and I'm ready to stop writing about what will be and actually go!

We're so close I can almost taste the Fiesta Margarita..

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