Monday, June 28, 2010

Back at one..

Today's decision - continue writing with our original blog intentions: DISNEY!!

We want to be the world's leading experts on doing Disney with babies. While that goal may be a little reaching, we can at least share more in depth tips and advice in case any friends or family have questions... or on the off chance that someday, someone will have questions we could help with.

Recently in the news, there came much concern about babywearing. I.E. baby's in slings, pouches, wraps, etc... When I was researching baby slings while pregnant, I read that the Infantino pouches -> the recently recalled pouch slings -> were terrible and advised against them. It's terrible that other parents hadn't read that and tried them, but I hope that doesn't scare other new parents against baby wearing.

I often wear Noah in a baby wrap - the most popular brand is a "Moby" and I often get asked questions about the wrap. I owe a couple of coworkers to introducing me to this kind of wrap. I started off with a sling - nice and easy for a short period of time with a baby under 10 lbs. The infant carry is great, but the other options never felt secure to me, so I stopped using the sling and put it aside. I had a bjorn given to me and figured I would try that.. and then came the Moby.

The bjorn I never liked. Noah screamed his head off and didn't feel comfy, so I've never had it on for more than 5 minutes, but I've read several reviews that it just isn't comfortable for long periods of time. The Moby - a crazy long (approx. 5 yards) piece of jersey fabric - has several different ties that are much less complicated than the seem. One night while Noah was sick, I tied him to me with a loaner and we slept up-right in the rocker. Well, at least we slept a little!

As soon as I was SET and determined to buy one of these wonderful contraptions, another coworker pulled me aside and said "No! Go woven!" Basically - there are hundreds of these wraps and the difference is fabric, fabric, fabric! The Moby is stretchy cotton. It's great for a newborn, but stretches out quickly with a heavier baby and is REALLY hot. I knew immediately I wanted one of these for Disney and began to research woven wraps. The one a coworker loaned to me was beautiful and wonderful.. no stretching on 2 mile walks, but it was HOT. And expensive (again, it's all about the fabric). The research continued until I found the Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze by Wrapsody. It's made of gauze - a light weight and non-stretchy cotton and considered to be one of the most comfortable of all carriers for hot weather. I literally spent hours and hours researching before I finally made my purchase.

And I LOVE it. I used it all over the neighborhood and to pop him in and out while shopping, since he's never really enjoyed his stroller and he's too small for the grocery cart. I carried it with me our first night to Downtown Disney and while I hoped he would enjoy his beautiful Maclaren umbrella stroller, I knew I should have it *just in case.* And of course, I used it. And the next day at Animal Kingdom, it came out for the morning nap and so many more times during our trip. While it looked hot, if I thought about it, my arms that weren't covered seemed hotter than my chest that was wrapped up carrying a 15+ lb child. I also brought an Ergo baby carrier along, but only Mellie used it, as I love my wrap so much I didn't feel the need to switch.

I noticed a lot of other mom's carrying their babies.. mostly in Ergo's, but I remember seeing 1 Mai Tei - like an Ergo but with tie's instead of clasps, and 1 with a sling. The latter must have been SO uncomfortable.

Since we've been home, I used the Ergo when I didn't have my wrap to run in the store. I hadn't used it much, but let me tell you - I think I could use one of those. I keep checking daily to try to find them when they come up - I definitely have to have one. I'm also a baby wearing addict and plan to buy more for my next child (a ring sling for the next newborn). But that aside, if you're planning a trip to Disney with a small child, I highly recommend a carrier of some sort. It depends on the weather and the size of the baby, but for walking around in between rides or when the baby gets grumpy and wants to be held, these carriers can make the trip SO much easier.

For more info, feel free to ask me questions (I'm not an expert, but I'd like to be!) or check out

Happy wearing!

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