Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 3-Mellie

Day 3-Magic Kingdom! It REALLY felt like Disney when we woke up knowing we were headed for MK! Stitch and Mickey called us for our "wakeup" call, and Piper got to answer the phone! She was surprised, and kept looking at the phone because she recognized his voice. It was so cute! We arrived at MK to see the opening of the park, which was so fun. The Fire Chief came out and welcomed everyone, and the train came to the station with Mickey and the gang on it! Piper and Noah were looking in amazement while Jenn & I sang the "Good Morning" song with the cast members! Once inside, we headed for Fantasyland. We rode Peter Pan, Small Word, Snow White (where she waved at the witch the entire ride), Winnie the Pooh (she slept), Haunted Mansion (woke up and waved at all the ghosts!), Hall of Presidents (Jenn needed to nurse), and Big Thunder Mountain (child swap) all before lunch! Before Big Thunder, Piper and Noah met Woody & Jesse from Toy Story! We had lunch at Pecos Bill (which was delicious!) and headed back to the room. David had a minor fever, so our nap lasted longer than usual. I did laundry this day to ensure we had enough clothes to last us.

After we all felt better, we went back to MK and rode Buzz, Space Mountain (child swap), Carousel of Progress, Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA), Pirates, Jungle Cruise (they both slept), and the train to the front of the park where we saw a little of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Piper loved it! Then off to the hotel!

I did use Jenn's carrier for Piper that evening, and she slept in it perfectly for about an hour, then she got wiggly and I had to take her out. It was nice being able to carry her hands-free for a while. Plus, it was cooler in the evening (after it rained), so it was possible for me.

See ya real soon!

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