Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 4:Mellie

Piper plans out our day!

So day 4 began at Hollywood Studios-my most favorite park next to Magic Kingdom, of course! Jenn, Adam, and Noah were first in line! We headed for Rock-n-Roller Coaster, which Jenn & Adam NEVER rode~ they loved it! Then I took Jenn on Tower of Terror (her first time)! It was so fun and scary!!! We went to get fast passes for Toy Story Mania, but we never made it back to ride :( We took the kids to see Muppet 3D and Playhouse Disney. We had lunch at the 50s Primetime Cafe. I LOVED it! I had the pot roast~yummy!!! Our waitress was hysterically sarcastic (part of the schtick), and they even brought Jenn & I cupcakes and sang to Jenn, Piper, and I for our birthdays! So much fun!

After our mid-afternoon nap, David, Piper, and I headed to MK where Piper proceeded to have a meltdown. To this day, I can't tell you why it happened. We were trying to get our picture taken in front of the castle when all hell broke loose! She was screaming, crying, and turning red. Finally, I RAN to the Baby Care Center with David pushing an empty stroller, running behind us yelling. I'm sure someone probably thought I'd stolen his baby or something! :) We let her walk and play in there. She calmed down, and was good to go for some rides!

We went to Small World, where she sat like a big girl between us on the ride. We also did Philharmagic, which she loved! Then, we sensed she was tired, so home we went.

~See you real soon!


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