Sunday, June 20, 2010

Disney 2010 part 1

Our Disney 2010 vacation has officially come to a close. I planned (and tried) to update a little each night, but our computer decided to take a vacation and blogging on my cell phone is nearly impossible, so I'll start and do a series about our trip.

Between Melissa and me, our blogs may vary some. We spent much of our time together, but we also did our own thing from time to time. And of course, we're two completely different people so our opinions may (and will) differ.

Adam, Noah, and I arrived at the hotel Tuesday afternoon to see our wonderful travel companions in the lobby waiting for the bus to their room. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort which is considered an Epcot resort. This became one of several frustrating points about this hotel. We checked in and drove to our building and quickly went to the lobby to grab some lunch. This resort is gigantic but centered around the Old Port Royale which has all the restaurants and gift shops surrounding the main pool. We all sat down together, both babies in high chairs, and enjoyed our reunion. As soon as we decided to go into the pool while waiting for our rooms to be ready (we arrived around 1 knowing check in time was 3 so we had some time to kill). Adam and I walked Noah to get our swimsuits from our car and headed back to the pool. And of course, as soon as Noah and I were changed, the thunderstorm of the day started. At least he put on his cute Mickey swim outfit for a few minutes!

Our rooms were ready shortly before 3 and we all headed to Trinidad North to our neighboring rooms. We loved having our rooms next to each other so we could start out our days together and spend some time together. However, Adam and I weren't impressed with our room. This is where our review begins.

I should say, the last time we stayed at Disney, we spoiled ourselves at the Contemporary Resort. I was pregnant so we figured being on the monorail line would be a good idea. And boy was it! We loved hopping on the monorail for Epcot, but we mostly walked straight to the Magic Kingdom. Plus, the beds (I didn't specifically ask for a king, so we had 2 queens) and pillows were luxurious. The Caribbean, a "moderate" resort, had a bed about as comfortable as laying on the floor and about 16 of the worst pillows I've ever tried. I can't imagine how uncomfortable the bed in the "value" resorts are if this is considered a step up. Plus, shampoo + conditioner in one? Geez! Okay, j/k (mostly) but I'll just say, we're going to stay somewhere next time.

Our first night, we headed to downtown Disney where we walked through the shops and dined at Portobello, a nice Italian restaurant. I had never experienced DD, so it was cute to spend some time there, but we headed back early to start the next day off right: Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom.

I'll talk more about the parks in the rest of 2010 including Noah's favorite experiences and our experiences doing Disney with a 6 month old later in my Disney 2010 series :)

Happy trails...

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