Monday, June 21, 2010

Disney 2010 part 2 - Jenn

Now that we're back home in Virginia, I can start writing about our park adventures.

We decided to take advantage of the morning Extra Magic Hour, knowing that sleeping in for Noah is 6:30 and doesn't happen very often. Our first day in the parks, Wednesday, started with Animal Kingdom opening at 8 am. I had never before experienced the opening of one of the parks - I'd always been a big fan of sleep before the little guy came along - but I loved experiencing the morning show. At Animal Kingdom, we started by entering the park and gathering around the Tree of Life to wait for the show to begin. Within a few minutes, the music started playing and out came a Jeep (or something similar) carrying Safari-style Mickey and co.. I held Noah up to show him Mickey and he just stared in awe. I think that I was expecting him to smile like he does when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on television, but his stare was fantastic. Adam recorded his reaction so we can watch time and time again.

The only problem with Animal Kingdom (other than it lacking monorail service.. come on, Disney.. get on that! Hollywood Studios, too!!) is that it seems hotter than all of the other parks. Aside from it being our first day actually out in the Florida heat, Animal Kingdom has it's jungles keeping it hotter and more humid, or so it seems. In my head, I pictured Noah seeing the elephants and giraffes (and so many other animals) and showing excitement for new things - I think we're a little ahead of ourselves for that one. He was content and peaceful and slept on Adam during the entire safari ride.

Two things I found true on Day 1:
#1. Disney's Baby Centers are AMAZING. I only stopped in the one at Animal Kingdom, but it has real changing tables with disposable changing pads that a cast member changes and cleans after every use. Also, there are 2 private rooms with gliders for nursing and a room with movies playing for the older kids needing to get out of the heat or waiting for their little brother or sister to eat or be changed. I had read about these rooms before, but never expected them to be so nice.
#2. My idea to bring a woven wrap to carry Noah - a FANTASTIC idea. Obviously, I'm not alone in the baby-wearing world, but I had my hesitations about carrying him such heat. Even reading on the baby-wearing websites, people recommended back carries and other carriers that may be "cooler." I quickly realized that my arms felt hotter in the direct sun than we did all wrapped up. If you're curious - Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze from Wrapsody. Light and gauzy and held up for hours. It did stretch out after a few hours one night, but for the most part, I can't imagine not having it - I used it several times a day for morning and evening naps.

The first night, we had 5 pm (early is better with the babes, right?) dinner reservations in Mexico (hey, it's Epcot, but it counts!) that the men both decided to kill 2 Margaritas. I had 1 (Fiesta Margarita all the way) and Mel had a Pina Colada (right?), but those silly boys.. they sure became giggly! After a little more walking around the World, we headed home to end the night fairly early - tomorrow Magic Kingdom!!

More to come :)

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