Monday, June 21, 2010

Disney Part 1-Mellie's POV

Here is the first of many posts about our 2010 Disney Vacation. We left home at 4:45 am for a 7:55 flight. Piper was GREAT! She was awesome on the plane, and she even slept for most of the flight. When we arrived in Orlando, we headed straight for Disney's Magical Express Bus without having to stop at baggage claim to get our luggage. Once we boarded the bus, we left the airport and headed for our resort, stopping first at Pop Century.

When we arrived at Caribbean Beach, it looked bland compared to the colorful Pop Century resort we had just visited. We checked in without any trouble, and met Jenn, Adam, and Noah in the lobby. Since we had about 2 hours to kill, we decided to go over to Old Port Royale, which is their main hub. It has a food court, shops, and a main pool area with a kiddie pool as well. We grabbed some lunch together and then decided to take a swim. We all changed into our swimsuits, and David, Piper, and I headed for the kiddie pool. It was really fun for her. It had ankle deep water that she could walk all around, and a structure that she could climb on (if she was bigger) with a HUGE bucket that dumped water on part of the play area. We stayed clear of it, but Piper LOVED splashing and laughing with us. I got some great pictures of her playing. Of course, right when Jenn & Noah got changed, it started lightning! We went back in the food court area, and within 20 minutes, the guys received a text message that our rooms were ready!

Unlike Jenn, we were very happy with our room. The king size bed was nice and comfy, and the 6 pillows that we had were awesome! Even Jenn said this was WAY better than hers! Also, the pack-n-play that the hotel provided fit perfectly next to the bed and wall, and kept Piper out of the light so we didn't have to go to sleep when she did. I did cover the side with a blanket so she couldn't see the TV while she was trying to fall asleep. Our luggage arrived about 30 minutes after we got in the room, and we headed off to Downtown Disney. It was fun showing them the shops, looking for pins, and having dinner. By the time we were back in the room, we all were tired (4 am wakeup, remember?) and we fell asleep because we knew we had some tiring days ahead of us. We had no idea just how tired we would be though, more on that later!

See ya real soon!

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