Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home, sweet home

We've been back for several days now and are finally getting back into our standard routine. I had originally intended to give a full breakdown of our days in the parks, but for now, I'm too lazy to go into full details. So, instead, I'll give a few more highlights.

Our last morning (my birthday!) we started off at Epcot with Adam and me running for Soarin' first thing and Melissa and David taking both babies to the opposite side of the park to get fast passes for Test Track and David riding Mission Space because, really, that ride is awful and I hope to NEVER ride it again. 5 years later and I still feel queasy thinking about it.

ANYWAYS - Melissa, David, Piper, and Noah sat up at the ropes to wait for the park to open and what did we miss? Noah meeting MICKEY! Good grief. I'll let Mellie describe that scene since I only heard about it second hand *insert sad face here* but apparently he actually broke out into smile after Mickey reached down and touched him. MICKEY! I was with Noah as he met Goofy (twice - once in Tomorrowland and once in Epcot at the Disney Visa Card holders Rewards Meet N Greet (hooray)), Minnie (Meet n Greet), Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, and Pluto (again, in Tomorrowland), but Mickey?! The character who, when mentioned by name, makes my little one smile? I missed it! Sad. Good thing we're going back in January. Hopefully he can re-meet Mickey.. He probably won't remember the first time (hell, he's probably already forgotten it, right?) and it can be like meeting him for the first time all over!

Aside from meeting Mickey, Noah really seemed to enjoy A Bug's Life 3D show and the Nemo ride at Epcot more than anything else. I had expected him to love Playhouse Disney at HS, but he fell asleep on me and missed the majority of the show.

All in all, we had a fantastic Disney vacation. We're lucky enough (maybe?) to be used to minor meltdowns, so his fussiness didn't really phase us. We had a couple with a 3 year old tell us "It's a shame he won't remember this" which made me smile. I'm well aware that Noah won't remember this trip. But will the 3 year old really remember it? Doubtful. The difference is: we're aware that this trip was mostly for us and for him to experience new things. He'll have plenty more trips to Disney to make memories. I don't think he'll be short of Disney trips in his life.

Which makes me think of another thing. The Disney Vacation Club. I don't get it. Of course, I don't get Timeshares. You're paying a mortgage on something you can use for 2 weeks a year, right? Thinking about this brought me to looking at real estate in Celebration. And what did I find out? It's CHEAP. There are condos for under $100k. And Celebration is no longer affiliated with Disney. There goes my retirement dreams. We'll have to start saving for Golden Oaks - the new to-be constructed development of 1.3-5 million dollar homes ON DISNEY PROPERTY. No lie - I think it's closer to the parks than the Caribbean Beach Resort was. It's between Magic Kingdom and Epcot. If only I was a millionare.. how AWESOME would that be.. sigh.. maybe one day I'll hit the lottery because, as a clarinetist, I'll never have that much money.
If you're curious and want to buy me a house, here's an article about the new properties.


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