Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm so excited!

I'm so... scared? Okay, I'm not scared, but that episode of SBTB was on this morning... But, I passed on watching considering I've seen the infamous Jessie Spano breakdown too many times to count.

This morning, I took Noah to his first farmers market. He enjoyed relaxing in his stroller and taking in the world around him while mommy stocked up on fresh veggies, herbs, and meat. Once we headed home, I had planned to hit up this mornings neighborhood yard sale, but Noah decided otherwise. He said "WAhhhhhhh" which translates to "Mommy I'm tired and need my morning nap," so I put him in his crib where he is currently napping.

Going through my DVR, I watched an episode of an old favorite, Boy Meets World (Hooray for ABC Fam putting it back on the air!) and now I have on Dinner: Impossible from the Food Network. Why did I DVR an episode of this show? Because Chef Robert is at DISNEY WORLD! I know you're all shocked that I would want to watch this episode. To make things even better, he's cooking gumbo making both Adam and me drool.

While Chef Robert is kind of a pain - grumpy British men aren't particularly my favorite - it is amusing wathing him interact with characters such as the Mad Hatter and a few princesses. PLUS he's cooking at Epcot's World Showcase. We'll be eating in Epcot (Mexico) our first night in the Park, on the 16th, so this is making me even more excited for our trip!

The mission is to cook for 400 people who earned their admission by volunteering. My question is: How did these people get involved to the point of going to this big party? My niece earned a day volunteering with her girl scout troop, but I don't think she knew anything about this big party. I wonder if anyone who volunteered by a certain time was invited to this big celebration... hmmm..

I'm just saying.. good food at Disney? I'm in.

Thank you for reading my randomness.

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