Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next, please

Before our trip, this blog was mostly about writing about our upcoming trip. Now, we have to rethink! What's the next big step? Does anyone really care about our day-to-day lives and knowing the inner workings of our schedules? Okay, okay, I know that you do, Gran, but do you really want to read about his teething?

That's the excitement now. Noah cut his second tooth yesterday. Actually, in good news, Noah and I (Noah in his BOB stroller) ran for 20 minutes straight this morning. That's the longest run I've done in.. well, since before I was pregnant. That means that I'm 20 minutes closer to our half marathon in January-our next trip to Walt Disney World. Adam and I are registered for Goofy's Half Marathon and we're going to register Noah for the diaper dash, where we'll either fib about his age and put him with the 12 months and under, or have him be the youngest in the 1-2 year old category at 13 months. Either way, he'll get a personalized bib and some other cute Disney memorabilia. Our other big plan for that trip is to get Noah his first haircut. Yes, I've planned his first haircut long before he actually needs one. So what?

Since Adam and I like planning for vacations, we just started talking about a road trip for next summer. We love having something to look forward to and the idea came to me while Adam was watching the Phillies (his team) play the Blue Jays in Philly. While I lived on the border for a few years in high school, Adam has never been to Canada. Heck, he'd never left the country before our honeymoon. Adam would love to travel the country for 2 things - just about every restaurant Guy Fieri has ever visited on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives AND to visit all of the MLB stadiums. Well, why not start? Our plan (okay, we started talking about this a few hours ago) is to go through Pittsburgh and check out whatever stadium is there now -I grew up knowing Three Rivers Stadium and don't plan to learn what the new stadium is called - then head up to Buffalo for some wings at Duffs *yum.* There are several DDD restaurants in both cities. Next, we'll cross the border to show Adam and Noah Niagara Falls, then we'll finish the trip in Toronto. Apparently there is a hotel in the Skydome (again, not the current name for the stadium in Toronto, but I'm okay with not knowing) that has rooms viewing the stadium which Adam would love to stay in. I'll be basically along for the ride. Luckily, we have our big, beautiful Traverse with a dvd player to keep Noah entertained with whatever show he'll be watching in a year.

Sounds like a plan to me!

I need a sign off. Any ideas?

Later :)

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  1. Diners, drive-ins and dives, and Delightful, Disney Dreams. And yes, I do want to hear all about each and every tooth. Gran