Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Only the Beginnings...

My sister, Tracy, once told me I should start a blog to follow the exciting happenings of my son, Noah. Well, at only a few months old, I didn't think there was much to write about. Now, at the ripe old age of 6 months, I've decided it's time for Noah to have a blog.

Noah looks more like his father than me, but we definitely have some similar interests: mainly music and Mickey Mouse. I've been playing piano for him on a daily basis since before he was born and now normally play for him as part of his bedtime routine. His room is fully decked out in "Vintage Mickey" bedding and wall art, he has Mickey and other Disney character dolls and toys, and as we found out a few months ago, he adores The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We don't have the tv on as much these days, but while we were visiting Louisiana a few months ago, Melissa, my co-founder of this blog and fellow Disney lover, turned on the Clubhouse for her daughter, Piper. This started the addiction.

One evening while I was away at work, my husband tried everything and every toy to calm down Noah during his bewitching hour (5pm) and suddenly decided to try MMC. It worked. The crying stopped and Noah watched peacefully for at least 5-10 minutes. A very happy silence took over the house. Now, it has become standard to have 30 minutes of MMC a day. Noah now smiles when Mickey walks out and recognizes him with delight. It's odd and scary, but he is most definitely my son!

Melissa's family and my own are making our ways to Orlando in less than 2 weeks for our first trip together to the Walt Disney World Resort (which is amazing after 10 years of friendship and countless trips each). Melissa and her family went for Christmas in '09 with a 6 month old Piper. Now at 1 year, Piper will see The World again. Everyone has told us that Noah, only 6 months, won't remember a thing, but we're absolutely okay with that. We're planning to enjoy the moments and make wonderful memories we can share with him when he is older. Or in January, when we head back for yet another trip.

Welcome to the Disney Babies Blog. I hope you've enjoyed our first post and there will definitely be more to come. Very soon.


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  1. How exciting to have another blog to look forward to. Anxiously awaiting Disney pictures. I know you'll have a great trip. Love you all, Gran