Sunday, June 13, 2010

Similar days

I'm feeling like Jenn~Oh, no! Was this a good idea? I hope little Noah feels better soon. Piper had a poopy day today as well. She went down for her am nap early, which caused her to get up early, which meant that she was ready to go back down in the middle of church today. Not good! We spent the entire time in the "Cry Room" (I get why they call it that) with her having a sleepy fit! She couldn't get comfy enough to fall asleep, but when we got her back into the car and buckled in her seat, she was knocked out! I told David, "Well, we were in there about as long as we will be on our flight on Tuesday." Please, please, please let her travel well! I can start praying now, right?!

It's not just the flight I am anxious about, it's the early wakeup, hour drive to the airport, waiting to board, the actual flight, getting on Disney's Magical Express, and our ride to the hotel, only to not be able to check in until 3, so...who knows.

Ready or not, here we come!!!

~See ya real soon!

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