Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to Miami,

Bienvenido, a Miami!

Okay, okay. Ft. Lauderdale. That's close enough, right? Plus, we might head down to see my sister's new place on South Beach tomorrow.. but, we'll see how the day goes. aWe're trying to play the whole trip by ear, but we have definitely become a bit more controlling now with the baby. We like having everything go our way, and while we accept that it doesn't always work that way, we still try!

Last night, Noah attended his first ever concert. Who did he see, you may ask. Why, the US Army Band, Pershing's Own, of course! I performed a duet with the band, playing a great piece with a fantastic flutist. As someone pointed out, how cool is it to say that the first concert he ever attended was to see his Mom play. Pretty neat! Plus, playing outside in a public place is a great way to introduce a 6 month old to concerts AND breaking bedtime. As soon as my piece ended, I sat down and rejoined the ensemble with a relaxation knowing that my vacation was mere hours away.

We left our house before 6 am this morning (thanks to Adam’s dad for driving us so early) and we packed his SUV with 3 suit cases, 2 diaper book bags, my diaper-bad purse, a stroller, AND a carseat. I used to think traveling heavily meant 2 suitcases. WOW! The plane ride went much smoother than planned. We definitely had no idea how Noah would react on such a short nights sleep, but he was fantastic! He fussed a little, but I bounced him to sleep before take off and he slept for the majority of the flight! We landed with little disturbance 15 minutes earlier than planned and it was great.

Now that we're here, Noah is bonding with his grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and plethora of pets (currently a standard poodle, a golden doodle, and a 2 lb Persian Kitty). Actually, at the moment, Noah is asleep in his magic tent. I forget the exact name of it, but reading on, I found a sleeper that people raved about being better than a Pack n' Play and smaller as well, so I jumped and ordered one for my parents house. So far, my review is less than steller. Self-inflatable mattress? Bull! After blowing it up, it inflates to the thickness of the Pack n' Play mattress. I guess the plus is that it folds up smaller? Also, I noticed it had a tent-like appearance, but didn't realize it's ONLY a tent. It has to be zipped up or he could roll right out! Oops. Noah seemed terrified when we first put him down. Not only was he in a new environment, he was floor level and zipped in his bed. I would be scared too! At least this afternoon he took a 2+ hour nap in it and he’s finally asleep, so maybe it’s not so bad, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow morning, we’re having our standard Sunday morning family brunch: Bagels and lox. My Aunts and Uncle are *hopefully* coming to meet the little one during his best time of day. His naps may not be standard this week which means we’ll have a lot of retraining when we go back home, but we’re on VACATION! Two more full days until we make the 3+ hour drive to DISNEY WORLD! We are so excited and ready to hit the road. We’ve got a dvd of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Noah to watch during the drive, that is, if he’s not interested in napping.

Oh – one more tidbit for today. We introduced yet another food to Noah: avocado. This way, we have 2 fresh foods (also banana) that we can give him without worrying about buying pre-made jars. The verdict? Possibly his favorite food so far. He reached in trying to get his mouth onto the bowl to eat the remnants. Grandma enjoyed her first experience feeding him almost as much as Noah liked eating. He is my son, what can I say?

Now to steal from Mellie:

See ya real soon!


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