Monday, July 12, 2010


I was worried about our first hotel experience with our baby. We have a 1 year old who needs certain things to be comfortable. Would our resort be able to provide the things we needed? I know Disney is kid-friendly, but is it baby-friendly?

In our hotel (Caribbean Beach Resort), they provided us with many things for our 1 year old. They had a pack-n-play crib for her to sleep in (with sheets and a blanket), a fridge in the room to keep her milk cold, a baby water play area for her to play in without being in a pool, and they even had kid-friendly snacks like pudding, fruit cups, and fresh fruit.

We found that when she was trying to sleep (she puts herself to sleep), we needed to block her view of the room so she wouldn't be distracted by it. I draped a thin blanket over the mesh side of the pack-n-play. This worked like a charm! She slept so well in the hotel, and we breathed a sigh of relief!

The only problem we had with the hotel was the cabinet that hides the fridge. For some reason, Piper was drawn to this cabinet. Probably because we have all cabinets locked in our home, and she loves opening doors. She smashed her hand 3 or 4 times while playing with it.

We had a great time at our hotel, and I love that it is not only kid-friendly, but also baby-friendly.

See ya real soon!

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