Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Boys

Today we had another first for Noah - our first trip to the beach! We expected to find time in June to hit up the Ft. Lauderdale beach while staying with my parents (before and after our stay at WDW), but we never made it. In Atlantic City, we're staying a few short blocks from the boardwalk and the beach, so today, Adam and I packed some sunscreen and towels, put Noah in the stroller, and made our way to the shore.

It's common on Adam's side of the family to have an aversion to sand. He hates the sand (in fact, while honeymooning in St. Lucia, we rarely went onto the beach and spent the majority of the trip by the pool) and so do his dad, brothers, and nephews and nieces. My family, however, is full of Florida beach-goers. We grew up visiting the beach annually if not more and love it, most of them live very close to the beach. And Noah is a beach lover! For a boy that looks so much like his father, it's nice to find some similarity to me. He enjoyed relaxing on the towels while I lathered him up with sunscreen, then he loved crawling around (while we chased after him trying to keep him from eating the sand).

For more fun, we brought him down to the water. The original goal was to trade the sand on his hands for salt water, but then Adam decided to see if he would like the water. By the way- the ocean is COLD up here. Okay, maybe not COLD but cold. I just checked - 73 degrees. Can't say I was expected that after the last week pushing 100 degrees every day. But, Noah loved watching the water. He was so peaceful (and adorable) watching.... until Adam sat him down in the water's edge, hoping to get him to splash like he does in the tub. Pretty much the beginning of the end of our beach trip right there, but overall, it was a great experience!

Hopefully when he's older, we can take him to the beach and build sand castles, bury him in the sand, and play in the water. For now, we'll stick with a 30 minute trip. 30 minutes, well worth it! All while wearing an adorable Mickey Mouse bathing suit - pictures to follow. I swear sometimes that child looks like a walking Disney billboard...


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