Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get a move on!

Just last week I reached a milestone; a goal I've been worried about attaining since before I found out I was pregnant: losing the baby weight. Due to my job (military), I have to maintain physical and weight standards. While I intended to not eat junk while I was pregnant, having eaten well for so long, I wanted to cut loose. And boy did I. Bacon cheese fries? YUM (if you have a Ledo's near you, theirs may be the best). Of course, that led to gaining a few more pounds than I had wanted to gain which led to more stress to get the lbs off.

For work, I officially had 6 months. Luckily, the physical test for our group (APFT) happened at 5 months, so I was safe for a few extra months. The weigh in, however, just happened. Almost 7 months to the day. I set 6 months as my goal and tried my darnedest, but with vacations and other trips (and having a BABY), it took all 7 months. But it's GONE! I celebrated with my husband on a date to dinner and Toy Story 3, enjoyed some good food and yummy Sangria, and am immediately back on track.

You may be wondering how this is Disney related, and I'll tell you:
My husband and I registered for the Disney Half Marathon.

I didn't run during my pregnancy for a couple of reasons (heart rate, hatred of running), but knew I needed to get back into running mode for work as soon as possible. We started planning while I was pregnant - we would run the January 2011 half. 13.1 miles. My longest to date is around 5 and that was several years ago. Even though I didn't run, I practiced yoga for the majority of the time, doing Flow (Vinyasa/fast paced) for about 32 weeks then switching to slow preggers yoga after that. I would like to think that helped me, but I'm not sure.

6 weeks is the standard timeline to start diet and exercise, so at 6 weeks, I rejoined (former lifetime) Weight watchers and followed the plan for nursing mothers. Still, several months in, I'm still following the same plan and tracking my points daily. My next goal is to revisit my wedding weight. I also began the Couch to 5K program - an easy to follow and not too strenuous program to get lazy butts like me to run a 5k in 9 simple weeks. Of course, with an infant, these 9 weeks have stretched out over several months, but I'm now close!

13 miles seems insane to think about, but I figure if I have to run, I might as well run from Magic Kingdom to Epcot. I see purpose to that run!

I'm still far from the shape I used to be - a few years ago I worked out 5 or 6 times a week and now I'm happy with 3. But, I make sure to get my running in so I have an excuse to hit up Le Cellier (Canada) for that beer cheese soup I keep reading about. Gotta reach the finish line!

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings :)

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