Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need a trim?

Do you remember your first haircut? I know I don't. Not many people do, even though it is often thought of as a big deal. I know local barber shops often have little certificates and do something a little special for a child's first cut. But, in my understanding, there is only one place that I want my son to have his first cut:

The Harmony Barber Shop. Located next to City Hall on the corner of Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom, the Harmony Barber Shop is a real working barber shop known for fun and flair as well as excellent cuts. Not to mentions, the prices are the comparable to the shops in my suburb. For under $20, a child can get their first haircut, receive a special certificate commemorating the event and a pair of mouse ears. Amazing!

Which is PERFECT seeing that Noah will be 13 months old and most likely in desperate need of a haircut in January, for our half-marathon trip. The only conflict - Adam swears he needs a haircut now (the sides are a little long with a short bit of hair over his ears), but I think he can wait. Either way, he won't be having an actual haircut until January. If I can wait several months in between cuts, so can he!

The plan goes as follows: wake up early (as we always do) the morning after the race and head over to the Ticket and Transportation Center. I'm expecting it to be a bit hectic, seeing as the full marathon will be going on, so we'll try to plan for that. I would love to experience the rope drop again and hope that Noah will appreciate it even more this time. I recently read that at 8 months, a baby is finally seeing at 20/40, so maybe at 6 months, he wasn't able to really recognize the characters all the way at the train station from where we watched the show. Or, more realistically, he saw it and watched in awe as opposed to watching with excitement which I hope to witness one of these visits.

Digression!! So, after the rope drop, we'll head straight towards the Harmony Barber Shop, while the majority of the other visitors will be rushing towards one of the mountains and other popular rides. The one (and only, so far as I can tell) downfall is that the Harmony Barber Shop does not take reservations. I've read many wonderful reviews, previous customers saying that not only the experience was magic, but the cuts were fantastic.

Yet another thing to look forward to and continue mentally planning during my runs.
Have a magical day!

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  1. The barbershop just started taking reservations! Call the reservation line and snag one ASAP. Warning--this is so new that not all Cast Members have even realized it's available, but be persistent. ;)

  2. Harmony was the ONLY place we considered for our son's first hair cut and it was amazing! We lucked out, I called Disney prior and they had just started taking reservations (so we had the first appointment of the day). Also, a VERY special Mouse was taping a segment for the Disney blog and since we were waiting outside of the Barber shop before the park opened, we got some one-on-one time with Mickey! Check it out! One of my favorite Disney memories ever!