Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh, what a night!

Just barely 6 and the little one is in his crib.. sleeping? Well, no. But close. Yes, in this house, Noah goes to bed at 6 (hooray!) because naps are often sporadic and rarely longer than an hour. Plus, our standard morning needs to start at 6 to get to work for commutes, so work or not, 6 am it is.

This weekend has been an extra special weekend. Why? TEETHING. Yup, bottom tooth #3. Other than the ridiculous amount of drool coming from his mouth, I saw no signs of another tooth. Though I check on a regular basis, I had yet to see anything until this afternoon. AHA! We finally knew why our sweet baby was extra fussy. We're used to afternoon fussiness, but all day is not normal.

I mentioned that this is tooth #3. When, you may ask, did the first 2 teeth come through? Well, wouldn't you know, but they made their appearance days before our trip to WDW in June. We were terrified thinking - 'of course this would happen.' People told us that he would be fussy for a few days, but then would go back to normal. A few days!? He can't be this fussy (read: impossible) for Disney! No one would have any fun.

Wouldn't you know, the teething woahs disappeared as soon as we hit Disney World. We kept some medicine with us at all times, just in case, and had to use some baby teething gel a few times, but he rarely made a peep. Actually, our regularly fussy baby left almost all of his fussiness at home when we went for our trip.

Of course, we're planning a relaxing trip just to get away and visit some family this week. I doubt we'll be as lucky, but we can only hope. Gotta love those Disney distractions, the perfect place for a teething baby!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

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