Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rhode Island is neither a Road, nor an Island. Discuss.

Greeting's from New England. Arrived in Rhode Island yesterday via C-130. For those of you now speaking military, that's a cargo plane. Definitely an adventure! Picture those old WW2 movies with all the soldiers getting ready to jump out the back of a plane.; remove the uniforms and parachutes, and that was my coworkers and me yesterday. I'm just glad that no one had to use the bathroom (curtain around a bucket) midair.

We're here performing for the 4th of July. We have concerts tonight, tomorrow night, and a parade Monday morning before we head back on the C130. Though I hate being away from my hubby and baby, it did allow me the guilty pleasure of seeing Eclipse from the Twilight Saga last night. The last time I made it to a movie was around 39 weeks pregnant to see the 2nd movie of the series - New Moon. This one has definitely taken another step in the direction of Good Movie - I think anyone into the series should enjoy the movie.

Of course, being away from my baby for a couple of days does leave me stranded with my evil friend, Medela (most new moms and dads will know what I'm talking about) several times a day, but at least that gives me computer time, right? Optimism...

Well, at least it leaves me time to blog. Thanks to a question I recieved on facebook, I think I'll go into greater detail with Rider Swap.

Rider Swap is yet another genius idea from the folks at Disney. Obviously, many people with little ones simply skip the parks when they have little ones, but they created a way to make the trip more fun and doable for those of us that want to travel with our babies. Child Swap is Disney's program to let families and groups with children ride all the rides even when the babies are too small. We found out the hard way how this works.

Both adults and the baby must be presented to the Cast Member at the entrance to the ride. Tell them that you would like to child swap for that particular ride. From there, they give the adult staying with the little one a ticket that allows up to
three people skip the line when the first person gets back to take over. We tried being smart a few times that backfired, though. Hopefully we can save you the trouble!

The first mistake: not showing the baby.
Our morning in Magic Kingdom, we were walking in Frontierland and saw Woody and Jessie from Toy Story taking pictures. With a short enough line, Adam and I offered to take Piper for a picture while Mell and David headed to Big Thunder Mountain to start the child swap process. That's when they were sent away - no baby, no pass. We took our pictures with the characters and went back to try again.

Mistake #2: not showing the other adult.
While we were waiting for Melissa and David with the babies, I took Noah to the entrance of Splash Mountain thinking - 'hey, I can get a pass for the next ride now.' To this I was told "Sorry, you must have the other person in your party watching the baby." Oops. It makes sense - they don't want people breaking the rules and individuals coming to get these tickets and not ride correctly. But I just wanted our ticket so we could go on later!! Geez. Of course, it all worked out when Mellie and I walked up together with both babies. (Aren't they cute?)

Some rides, such as Test Track and Everest have single rider lines - these are potentially faster and even easier, but if you're with a party and would like to sit together, these won't work. We will be using these lines in January!

Secret weapon: Fast Pass.
While I'm not going to give away our exact tricks of the trade, let me just put this out there: If you can individually plan your fast passes accordingly, you can work magic and barely wait in any lines at all. Words of wisdom from Jenn.

Hope this helps!
Happy *almost* 4th!


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