Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shows, shows, shows!

Over the years, we've seen many 3d shows at Disney World. My personal favorite, being a Disney lover and musician, has been Mickey's Philharmagic since I first watched the attraction. I figured going into the trip that Noah would love the show, too. He loves music and Mickey, so why not, right? Well, because when we went to see the Philharmagic, it was either nap time or food time and Noah didn't really pay attention!

I also assumed (you know where that leaves me) that he would thoroughly love Playhouse Disney at DHS and smile when seeing Mickey and friends on stage. But, of course, it was nap time. Again. Geez, that baby sure seems to sleep a lot! Which in itself is ironic seeing that he didn't sleep for the first few months of life...

We did go see It's Tough to be a Bug from A Bug's Life at the Animal Kingdom. Neither Adam nor I had seen the show before, so we figured it would be fun for us. We grabbed our 3D bug goggles for the 3 of us (yes, even a pair for Noah), and headed in for the show.

At 6 months, Noah kept his glasses on for a few minutes but 1 year old Piper wasn't taking part in the bug fun.

Though Noah didn't keep his glasses on for the majority of the show, he loved the show. For those that haven't seen the show, it's not only the screen that's interactive, but there is an animatronic grasshopper in a corner throughout the show. He loved the show. He payed attention the entire time and never so much as made a peep. I have to say, I think it was one of the most successful attractions for Noah. We'll have to try it again at 1 year and see if it still enjoys it!

Happy 3-d watching,

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