Thursday, July 22, 2010

To juice or not to juice?

In Disney, we brought 2 cups with us each day, one filled with ice water (that we refilled as the day went on) and the other filled with milk. She would drink the milk for the first hour of the day. After that, I would rinse out that cup and buy more milk at each meal. For all of you planning to go to Disney, this really worked well for us. I am SO glad we hadn't introduced juice then.

In the last month, we introduced apple juice (Piper calls it "doo"). We cut it with water so she get half juice/half water. My child drinks the ENTIRE glass in one sitting, resulting in MANY diaperchanges daily. One thing I was not told is that juice is a diuretic. Oh my, we have hadmore blowouts in the past week than I can believe! I am SO glad that didn't happen on our Disney trip!

See ya real soon!

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