Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation complete

Today was our last actual day of "vacation" for the year. Tomorrow we pack up the car and drive back home. Four more hours in the car. What will we do!? 4 more hours of the big dogs fussing and the baby crying, oh no!

In hopes of making the trip better, Noah and I took a quick trip to the grocery store looking for the corn snacks (mum mums) he'd had and enjoyed before. The best part of these snacks - their size. He could hold onto the snack and feed himself, entertaining him (if nothing else) for a few minutes. But, of course, the store had none. So, I started reading all the Gerber labels - looking for the little crawler to see what little ones his age can snack on. I settled on 2 more treats, 1 more little puffs kind of treat and another teething biscuit. And, I was bad. The 4 day rule in my head applies to fruit and veg, but not to these weird snacks. Oh well.

Not enjoying the car ride to the store (5, maybe 10 minutes), I decided to try one of the biscuits for the ride home. SUCCESS!! Of course, this may not be replicated tomorrow, but Noah enjoyed the biscuit and it took him several minutes to eat. Hopefully we won't have to feed him for the entire trip tomorrow, but it may hold him off for a few minutes when he gets extra fussy.

And when all else fails, we have our safety net: the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse soundtrack.

if only I was joking..

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