Thursday, July 1, 2010

A week for the books..

I'm headed out of town tomorrow through Monday for a work trip - spreading Patriotism through Rhode Island for the 4th of July. Before we left for Disney, Noah was close to crawling.. then spending over a week in Florida giving him very little tummy time, he didn't start moving while we were there or ever after we got back. Until Wednesday.

One of our favorite bedtime rituals is all of us upstairs by his room letting him play on the ground while I play piano for him. I just happened to look back and see him actually crawl, not just scoot, a few steps away. I think I teared up a little. Noah has wanted to crawl for MONTHS. We've watched him try and fall, getting frustrated on the way and crying or trying again. I expected that my traveling away from him for a few days would bring upon all sorts of new tricks. Luckily, he decided to show off while I'm still here. Not only did he crawl, but he pulled himself to standing in his crib. I immediately called Adam up, not only to show him Noah's latest accomplishment, but because I needed help lowering the mattress all the way! Our little boy is growing up! Okay, I won't go that far. But, he'll be 7 months next week and he's mobile now, so watch out world!

I've thought about the next Disney baby topic I wanted to mention and I decided it would be on nursing/feeding. Bringing a baby under 1 year (the recommended goal for nursing by most Drs and my personal goal) to the park meant I wouldn't have the comfort and privacy of my couch for a good period of time. Though I have nursed in public (fully covered!) a couple of times, I have never quite felt comfortable about feeding wherever and whenever and have always tried to plan my days around his meal times. Luckily, Noah is like clockwork and wants to eat every 3 hours, so he is farely easy to plan around. While Disney does have their amazing Baby Care Centers in every park, I knew that wouldn't be practical for the big parks. Especially at Magic Kingdom where the center is by the Crystal Palace restaurant near the front of the park.

Our first night at Downtown Disney, we were so excited and carried away I didn't realize that we sat down for dinner at almost exactly his dinner time. So, I did what I had to do - get over it. That became my philosophy for the trip. Except for the one trip to the baby care center at Animal Kingdom (hey, that park is pretty small, so why not), I nursed him all over those parks. Hall of Presidents, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Spaceship Earth, Carousel of Progress, Philharmagic and several restaurants - pretty much anywhere we sat for more than 5 minutes. Actually, when I fed him on TTA, we had to exit the ride before he finished eating, so I just picked him up still connected, prayed that I was covered, and walked down the ramp to find a bench to finish.

I have to say, it was much less of an issue than I originally thought it would be. Though it never seemed like it would be easy at the beginning, by 6 months, we've pretty much got the drill down to a routine. And, the only thing I needed for a feeding was my cover - we didn't even bring bottles on our trip.

We started Noah on solids about a month prior to our trip - after a lot of resistance on my part due to the hassle of bringing foods to Disney. But actually, we used foods to keep him calm while we ate our meals. Plus, he's still not all that interested. He likes eating, but we skip days now and then (our Doc said nursing is his nutrition, food is just for fun.. even at 7 months), so we missed a couple days on vacation. He didn't seem to mind and obviously we didn't. And, of course, when we head back in January this will ALL be different. But, I won't be nursing him and he'll be able to eat food from plates.

My point is - nursing originally seemed like a scary thing to do in the parks, but it was SO much easier than I could have imagined. Now, if only my lack of shyness while nursing will continue now that we're back to normal..... probably not. :)

Good night and happy 4th!

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