Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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They're raising their prices again!? Seriously? It seems like every year (or maybe more) Disney raises their prices. A visit to the parks is astronomical! Then, to make it seem like a deal, they'll offer Free Dining! but only if you stay in their resorts with no other discounts.. I've never really done that math, but it seems like even if you plan to stay on property, a resort discount and buying food as you go (or even stocking up for your room) would make a lot more financial sense!

Lets think about this.
A moderate resort costs around $179 a night.
5 nights is $895

With that, you get free dining?
That's 1 snack, 1 quick service, and 1 table service a day.
So (approximately):
$5, $15, $40 ($60)

That's an estimated $300 for 5 days.

Well, so yes, for $900 in resort, you're saving $300 in food. And you're getting a lot of food. Dessert at every meal. I don't know about you, but I sure don't need (nor should I eat) dessert at every meal. Plus, that takes away the fun of eating a Mickey bar or Frozen Banana!

And, if they simply offered 40% off resorts, you'd pay around $540. And I know I sure didn't eat $60 of food every day.

I sure hope they keep up their military and/or Florida resident discounts. Sure glad I'm both!
Sorry everyone else...

It's August 4th. According to my husband, that's just the standard day for bad news!

Hopefully tomorrow will lead to bigger and brighter (and happier) things!

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this rant written by Jenn. please come back for more uplifting and happy thoughts

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  1. Hey Jenn!!! I'm going to tell my mom to start reading your blog--she's a Disney FANATIC! lol...she is a DVC member and we go at least once, sometimes twice, each year. We are heading there in a few weeks actually...and now that i think about it, she actually just went in April. Planned a trip there in about 2 weeks time after my sister's orientation for college suddently got rescheduled. And they even got last minute rooms at Animal Kingdom resort. She's a pro--haha!! I know you have a ton of tips and hints that she'd be in terested in!! Also, I see the thing about ticket increases--I think she said for the hopper passes, it only went up $4-? But I could be wrong... It wasn't much, from what I remember. Your little boy is precious, by the way! Congrats!! Take care!! --Kristie Carline