Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday!

When I was pregnant, I somehow became fascinated by baby wearing.

I always noticed people carrying their children in slings and other devices and started my research while pregnant. To this day, there are still too many options to choose just one. I've spent many hours on The Baby Wearer and have found that the only option is to have options!

Different stages in the child's life require different carriers, as do the purpose of wearing. Are you nursing? Are you simply running in and out of the grocery store? How about a long day at Walt Disney World during the summer?

Well, I'm here to help with what I've found so far!

Today, I'll start with a simple sling and a simple carry:

This is the most simple and probably the least expensive of all carriers- a pouch sling. I believe this one cost about $20. Why did I pick this one? Because I liked the pattern. And from what I've learned so far, it's all about the fabric. This particular sling has a pocket on the outside and a padded shelf for the baby's head.

With a baby that didn't like to be in a car seat or stroller for an extended period of time, I often wore him in this sling until he weighed maybe 12 or 13 pounds. This picture, taken at his 1st party, was a prime example - snug like a bug and sound asleep! I also used this sling many times while pushing my stroller that only had my purse on it.

**Please know that this sling is not the same type of "sling" that was recently recalled. This is completely different and much safer**

There are several other carries possible with a standard pouch sling, but I gave up on it for the most part after he became to heavy for the baby kangaroo carry.

- Great for newborns
- Simple - almost no learning curve for basic carries
- Fast in and out
- Inexpensive

- Not good for long periods of time with heavier babies
- I never felt comfortable trying a hip carry with this one - I never felt the pouch was very secure, BUT I will explain that more in a following BWW.
- All weight is on 1 shoulder
- Without a ring, the size can not be varied

I did see a mother carrying a baby around Epcot using this carry and was STUNNED. I had Noah wrapped up for so much of the trip, but even to me, that seemed so uncomfortable! I had to stop myself from suggesting she try something else..

Does anyone else have experience with a pouch sling?


  1. The pouch sling is the only baby wearing experience I have. My son, Barrett, didn't like the cradle carry but he likes pretty much all the other carries. I have done the hip carry and felt comfortable with it. It is true that over a long period of time I do become uncomfortable but, I was able to alternate between the hip carry and tummy to tummy in the Natural History Museum in NYC and hang in for about 1 1/2 hours. The secret to the hip carry is making sure to do the shoulder flip, it helps bring the baby closer to you. I have also used the sling as a nursing cover. I like that you can fold it in a diaper bag and have it with you. I use it almost every day!


  2. Can't wait to read these on Wed! We only used a carrier a few times for outings with Andrew. But when we have another baby someday I think I'm going to want some sort of sing/wrap so I have the baby close, but my hands free when I need to get things done or play with Andrew.