Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School

This week, we went back to school, which means Piper is back with her babysitters. She has 2, one who comes to our house 3 days a week, and she goes to the other sitter's house for the other days and is there with 2 other babies. I thought this transition would be easy considering she did this same routine last year. Boy, was I WRONG! She's been having a little seperation anxiety (and I am too, but I don't let her see that) so I make sure goodbyes are short and sweet. She was sad I was leaving the first day, but did ok because she was still at our house, sleeping in her bed, and it was familiar.

It never occurred to me that babies have no memory! Today was the first day at the other sitter's house. She fussed and cried to fall asleep because she didn't remember ever sleeping there. She was sleeping in a place she hadn't seen in 2 months, and she was not having it. She finally napped, but it was a battle both times today for the sitter.

I loved Jenn's last post about the binky (noonie in our house). Piper only takes one to fall asleep. I have been wanting to get rid of it for the past month, and I've put it off. Well, I had decided this morning that it was going away during Labor Day weekend. Then, I hear about her trouble falling asleep. I don't want to traumatize her, but I want the noonie gone! I'm still going to see how she does in the next few weeks, then I think the noonie will go away. Maybe I'll tie them to balloons and let them go. She would like that. She loves balloons!

See ya real soon!

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