Saturday, August 21, 2010

Customer Service

Driving home from our picnic yesterday, I heard people talking and mostly complaining about customer service. A caller phoned in complaining about terrible service she received at 2 places: The Waldorf Astoria (is that possible?) and our favorite, Walt Disney World. They were saying customer service was dead because of experiences they had a Starbucks. Starbucks isn't my favorite, but how can that be compared to WDW?!

Maybe it's because of the nice and friendly help I had just received from On Star, but I had a had a hard time believing that! For the past 2 years, I have celebrated my birthday at WDW and LOVED having what seemed like hundreds of cast members wish me a happy birthday. This past summer, so many cast members commented on the babies and were so friendly. Actually, I started pin-trading and *almost* everyone was so friendly, joking around, and hoping I would trade with them. Though Lisa over at Babes in Disneyland (look for her button!) did say it wasn't quite the same way at Disneyland, I can't imagine complaining about the folks at The World.

When I enlisted, I went to talk to Customer Service about my annual pass - I think I was walking around Epcot when I thought about - and explained to them my situation. I was enlisting and headed off to basic training from January to March, obviously unable to take advantage of my annual pass. Was there anything I could do to extend it? Right there, on the spot, without any sort of paperwork or proof of anything, they extended my pass 3 months and most likely ended the conversation with "Thank you for serving." I mean, that was AWESOME and incredibly unexpected. NY and Co asks to see i.d. every time I ask for the 10% discount, but at Disney, nothing. I would say, that's amazing customer service (though not the most business savvy).

What are your experiences with customer service at WDW? Please leave your comments below or on the facebook page for Disney Babies Blog!



  1. Hey Jenn, I used to work at NY and Co., and if you have a AAA card you can save 15% instead of 10%.

  2. It probably is 15% I don't know... haha but I think you might have missed the point :-P