Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney at Home

On our trip to Walt Disney World in June of 2009, Adam and I went with a hotel reservation at the Contemporary Resort for 2 nights and multi-day passes from the Armed Forces Salute (more on this on another day). We knew we wouldn't use the passes to their fullest and park hop for 5 days, but we planned on spending 3 days in the parks and driving back to my parents house after the 3rd day.

We enjoyed feeling luxurious in this world class resort with an amazing view of the Magic Kingdom. While we had never splurged at Disney before, we figured that me being 16 weeks pregnant, I'd need to get out of the Florida sun and spend some time in the pool which was even extra incentive to stay at a prime location (read: monorail resort).

During our two days, we park hopped through the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios, took pool breaks in the afternoon, and saw all the attractions we planned to see. We did all the rides that we could ride,thanks to those silly "don't ride if you're pregnant" safety warnings, which included pretty much everything at Animal Kingdom, which we skipped entirely so I didn't hop onto something that I knew I shouldn't.

So, instead of going back in for a 3rd day of not riding all of the favorites, we spent some quality time in the gift shop at the hotel. The Contemporary gift shops are pretty standard, but that's where we (and by we, I'm totally placing the blame for all of this on my hubby) fell for the a Chef Mickey collection for our kitchen.

We spent about the same amount of money we would have spent in the parks on food and drinks during the day on a clock, pot holders, spoon holders, kitchen towels, salt and pepper shakers. And the best part is that it all matches our kitchen perfectly, light blue/greys with accents of red and yellow. Eventually I'll upload a picture, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen today.

And, while I would always love to actually be at the Magic Kingdom, now I get to enjoy a little bit of magic at home.

Next time I'll have to share pictures of Noah's nursery (oy with the Mickeys already...)

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