Saturday, August 28, 2010

The little things

I love seeing people representing all things Mickey.  Driving around, I love seeing cars that have the Mickey's on their antennas or even the license plate frames.  We're still representing our colleges with our license plate frames, I do think it's about time to find one of those Mickey heads.  We passed one today, and as simple and silly as it may be, it made me smile.  I've also noticed several designer Mickey handbags around the grocery stores and shops over the past few weeks.  While I don't see myself shelling out the money for one Disney Parks official collection of Dooney and Bourkes, I don't think I would be opposed to it if I had $200 laying around.

The little things aren't lost on Noah (who, by the way stood up on his own today for several seconds while reaching for food) either.  Checking out at Wegmans this afternoon (the best grocery e-v-e-r, in case you aren't fortunate enough to have them near you), Noah spotted a Mickey Mouse birthday balloon.  Not only did the gigantic balloon have Mickey on it, but it had a button that had Mickey sing a version of "Happy Birthday" that isn't copyrighted by the Jackson family.  Later than we wanted to be out and invading on his nap time, Noah was becoming quite fussy, but that balloon brought a huge smile to his adorable little face.

Hopefully I can find that same balloon for his actual birthday in December.

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