Thursday, August 26, 2010


One of the newest words in our house is "Minnie!"  It's so cute to hear Piper's gleeful yell when she sees her.  She started saying Minnie's name as "Mih-mee" but just this week she got it right.  Now, each time she sees Minnie (on TV, her poster, her doll, her toy, her forks, spoons, bowls or anywhere) she says her name over and over. 

The only problem, when she sees Mickey, she says, "Minnie" also.  Hmm, maybe she thinks all cartoon life-size mice are named Minnie.  We've been trying to get her to say "Mickey", but no luck so far.  I'm sure she'll get it eventually. 

I really am raising a Disney loving baby!!!

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  1. That's how my daughter says Minnie as well... and she also says it for Mickey. But she started with calling Mickey that, so Ashlyn just can't say it correctly yet. It really is so cute to see them get all excited and know that we raised our little ones right. haha :)