Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Travel Tips Tuesday

So, here starts Travel Tips Tuesday! I am excited to share the many travel tips I have learned with my 1 year old and her 2 trips to Disney. Today's trip will be about travelling by airplane.

I learned to pack a carry on bag full of things to do. We had books, toys, stickers, snacks, drink, a pen, and writing pad. Pack things that are "new" to the baby. We were luck because Piper had her first birthday 2 weeks before our trip, so I took some of her new gifts and put them straight into the bag. She didn't get to see them until the trip so they were new and held her attention. An inexpensive way to do this if you don't have a b-day around the trip time is to go to a dollar store in your area and buy 4 or 5 small toys. They LOVE new things, but their attention span is very short, so change constantly. She LOVED her new phone toy, and "called" all the family back home in the plane (see video below). Sometimes, my girl was more interested in the plane safety instruction pamphlet or the Sky Mall magazine than anything I brought her!

Also, make sure that you do have a familiar blanket and/or lovey as well as a pacifier, if your child takes one. She got tired halfway through the 1 1/2 hour flight, and wanted them to fall asleep on my shoulder. It helped her feel comfortable in a strange place.

See ya real soon!

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