Monday, September 13, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Adam and I have always enjoyed watching movies together.  Once the little one came around, going to the theater became nearly impossible and watching at home wasn't as easy as before, if for no better reason than sheer exhaustion. We have made several date plans, some successful (Toy Story 3) and others that fell through, either for illness or for whatever reason, and now we're very behind on our Netflix queue.

Illness hit us hard the weekend we made plans to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  We talked about going again, but like other movies before it (Avatar for one), it fell by the wayside and we never saw it.  Until now.  Sunday night - after making Noah's baby food and throwing together a fruit salad - lets us relax and unwind together before the work week starts.  

Watching this makes we wonder a couple of things: 

First - what kind of drugs does/did Tim Burton use?  Quite strange (still watching as I type this, so I have yet to decide good or bad)

Second - has there been a movie filmed with British actors that didn't have any actors from Harry Potter?  On my count, we're at 3: Alan Rickman (Professor Snape/Blue Caterpillar), Helena Bonham Carter (Belatrix Lestrange/Red Queen), and Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew/Bayard).... but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more..

This is a Disney movie, but does it seem very un-Disney to anyone else?  I think I prefer the standard style - I LOVED The Princess and the Frog, even though that apparently didn't do well (sad!) monetarily.

Now onto working on the WDW Mom's Panel application!  Applications open up today and are due by Friday!  Anyone else applying?  I'm very excited to apply! If you're not familiar with the Moms Panel and are ever planning a trip, check out the Moms if you have questions on just about anything!  

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