Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday - 100th post - baby wearing in review

This post marks our 100th post.  Hooray!  In elementary school, the 100th day is a huge deal, often celebrated with treats, and special arts and crafts projects.  On Disney Babies Blog, our 100th post is going to be celebrated by 2 things: 
1st - a 'special' Baby - Wearing Wednesday, reviewing the thought behind baby wearing and my personal favorite carries..

2nd.. *dun dun dun* a Twitter account!!  Our twitter name is DisneyBabiesBLG (that 1 'o' was 1 too many letters.  sad, right?).  Be patient while we get a hang of the whole twitter thing, but follow us and stay 'updated' or whatever :)

The idea of baby-wearing came to me even before I gave birth.  Visiting the parks 6 months pregnant, I saw babies everywhere.  I noticed when people looked tired carrying their babies while waiting in line, other pregnant women sitting out of all the "good" rides, and then all these people wearing their children with no effort at all.  I'm not into baby-wearing because I'm strictly into "attachment parenting" or any labels, solely because it's helpful, convenient, and we love it.

That's when it all started.  Well, that and a coworker who had a picture of her with her baby in a pouch sling. I got back from our trip to Disney and started doing what I always do with something new: research!  I thought I wanted a sling.  I looked into pouch slings - they looked simple and easy, plus they're pretty darn cheap.  That's where my first sling came from - It cost $20 and it's adorable, don't you think?

Peanut Shell pouch sling

I loved my sling for maybe 6 weeks.  I only liked this carry - the other ones all seemed a little less secure, and even though it can be worn for 5 different carries, I retired that bad boy pretty quickly.  

Next, I tried the Baby Bjorn.  I was given 2 as hand me downs.  Aren't people so nice?  I think so.  :)  Well, I tried the Bjorn.  I should mention that both of them seemed relatively new.  Noah hated being in the bjorn.  Without him in it, the carrier simply felt like a back pack, but even around 10 lbs, it wasn't comfortable for either of us. I tried putting him in the bjorn only a couple of times, but with only screams in return, I put it back in the closet where it came from.

My next try - the Moby.  And not the brand Moby, but Moby has become the generic term for any jersey-material, stretchy wrap.  The one I tried was a coworkers - she purchased it on Etsy and it was adorable.  I loved it, Noah loved it, and we were ready to go - ready to go until I was told about the woven version (if you're read all this before, sorry, but thanks for reading!).  Another coworker loaned me hers which I adored, but refused to spend close to $200 for a wrap.
Oh, Didymos, why must you be so pricey?!
After decided I couldn't/wouldn't spend that much on something I didn't know I could commit to, I researched more and more and decided on the Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze, for reasons of both fabric (breathable and good for the summer), pattern (good for a boy, but still pretty), and price (affordable!!).
He has my ears, don't you think?  Poor kid!
That wrap has done me very well, but my husband won't wear it..  Plus, I wanted something quick and easy.  That's when my newest carrier came in to the picture.  I haven't worn it much yet, and so far, I find my wrap more comfortable... but, now Noah can be carried by Adam sometimes, too.

You may be wondering WHY at 9 months would I spend the cash on yet another carrier.  Well, it's simple.  I wanted one.  Noah still LOVES being carried and he's HEAVY.  He's only 18 lbs (25%-30%), but for more than a few minutes, that's a lot.  When we're at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Family Expo for the Disney Half-Marathon and Kids Fest in January, we can't bring a stroller.  But, we can't leave Noah at home.  Especially since he's registered for the Diaper Dash (more on that one later).  He'll probably be able to walk pretty well by then, since he's already taking a few steps, but not enough in such huge crowds.  So, we need a carrier!  Good enough for me.

As you might have read, I emailed with the 'sling lady' at Carry Me Away, and she recommended my newest carrier, to which we're still adjusting.  She's another great resource if you have questions - talk about a pro!  

Plus, in the name of research for the blog, I felt obligated to test out at least one more carrier.  For you, the reader, that is.  

I hope this has helped!  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions here or on facebook.
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  1. I never realized that there were so many options! Very helpful for when I have children. :) Thanks!

  2. Blogs are handy for when you need a valid reason for purchasing a new item for your collection, aren't they. Congrats on your 100th post. That's quite an accomplishment for such a young blog. Looking forward to the next 100.

  3. I have wanted a Gypsy Mama for-ev-er! Now my children are almost too old for the wrap, though. They prefer Mei Tais, slings or my Beco.

    Congrats on your 100th post! BTW, reading this blog makes me miss WDW sooo much!

  4. Oh, this is so fun and great. I also Love Gypsy Mama wraps! They are awesome!


  5. The Swaddlesport Pouch Style Carrier is my favorite and I bought it for a lot of my friends for their baby showers! It is made of a moisture wicking fabric (like a golf shirt) that actually wicks sweat away from the wearer and the baby. This sling is much cooler than the others we have tried (great for summer). We were even able to get my husband a Swaddlesport, aka his “man sling”, in his college team’s colors. Now our baby will be attending this year’s college football season in style and comfort!! We love them and good luck readers!!