Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday - New Carrier!

I'm warning you just as I was warned - baby wearing can be addicting.  And expensive.  We revisited the cost of baby wearing last week. 

I love my wrap and still use it regularly, but I decided it was time to have some help from Adam - and time to have something that I can put on quickly.   I can wrap pretty quickly now, but I wanted something with buckles and snaps - completely mindless wearing.  

As I posted last week, I had been in contact with a few different websites, asking questions and opinions, and also checking out the again - looking for opinions.  I thought I had my mind set on a carrier, until one final pull tugged me into the direction of one of the most common (and arguably the best) carriers there is.  I'll post pictures, but I don't to give too much free advertising for those I just shelled out over $100 for, I'll only tell you the brand name if you send me an email/facebook me.  Or, if you've seen as many as I have, you can probably guess which I'm now wearing.

The carrier came in the mail 3 days after I ordered with free shipping (rock on, carry me away!) and unfortunately, it was the day before my 5k, so I didn't want to do too much testing.  But, over the weekend, I used it a bit more.  I put it on and popped the baby in using the standard front carry for silly things, like walking to and from the car.  Hey, we both have to get used to it, right?
Basic front carry
I think I'm still partial to my wrap, but I'm definitely planning to get my money's worth out of this one.  Front carry is SIMPLE.  Snap around your waste, have one shoulder on, pop the baby in, get the other shoulder up, snap in the back.  And, assuming the back snap is in the right place, it's almost too easy!  Plus, it's a pretty blue, don't you think?
Now, doesn't that back look more supportive than the Bjorn?

The trick with making this carrier comfortable is finding the perfect width for the back buckle.. I had it too tight at first and it did not feel good, but adjusting it made it much better.  

Have you ever tried the structured carriers?  Feel free to comment here or on facebook to ask questions or comments!
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  1. We started with a Baby Bjorn (the original style) though i was tempted by the fully organic cotton one and the latest which has lumbar support. So far the hubby and I both really like it, the only downside is that it could overheat the kiddo (and the wearer) on a hot day, since ot's essentially made of backpack material.

  2. When your boy gets a little larger, you'll probably need an upgrade from the bjorn.. It doesn't support much weight.. Noah never liked it, but he's liked pretty much every other carrier I've tried... weird. Hope you're doing well with your little cutie!

  3. We have a Snugli Carrier, I bought it at a consignment sale, and it worked great for our couple trips to the museums, trains festivals, shows, while he was little (under 8 months). I wasn't comfortable using it daily, but he was a car seat lover, and was happy being in there while out. The Snugli we have crosses in the back so it would only be comfortable to wear for a little while at a time anyhow. Good Luck with yours!