Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday- Research

For the past several weeks, I've been writing about different carries in a couple of different carriers.  This week has been different.  I've only been using the same carries with my favorite wrap and instead of learning a new carry, I really got down to business on my next purchase: a soft-structured carrier.

There are several types and brands of these the soft structured carrier.  With my wrap, I'm set for so many carries I shouldn't need anything else.  But there is one draw-back to baby-wearing: addiction.  I wanted a faster option!  Also, I wanted another option for activities like hiking.  Even better with this carrier, my husband will actually use it!  

Adam has been afraid of the wrap "It's too confusing" which it really isn't, but he wants buckles and snaps and nothing more.  So, I set out on the research.  I emailed a few different websites, my standard favorite Carry Me Away and then I surfed onto another website that had a survey, so I tried that.  I heard from CMA within 24-48 hours and I'm still waiting for the other site.

What impressed me the most and sealed the deal for me: I asked for an opinion and I actually got one.  I wasn't told to buy the more expensive carriers, simply the favorite of so many people that I know.  And I jumped!  I'm now awaiting my first high-quality structured carrier in the mail.

And next week, you'll find out all about it!

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