Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday- wearing on a budget

I'm not gonna lie - I'm starting to run out of ideas for baby-wearing!  Noah is not only teething this week, but has come down with a case of double pink-eye.  Poor baby.  But, definitely not the time to try out a new carry.   The best time to try out new carries is when you're both in a great mood.  First, make sure you know what you're doing, then incorporate the baby.  If you're wrapping, tie it a couple of times sans baby (or if you want to feel extra prepared, use a doll), then add the baby when you're comfortable.  

But the real point of my post.  A high school friend who is currently preggers with her 3rd daughter (3!? at 29?!  oy) asked me about carrying comfortably.  She currently has a Snugli, which I'm not familiar with aside from pictures.  It looks basically like a Bjorn, but made by a different company.  Any way you look at it, it doesn't look very comfortable!  She asked me about something quick and preferably something you can make. 

If you're crafty, you can make pretty much anything.  I, however, don't have a sewing machine (nor do I know how to use them), so making anything more than a wrap isn't going to happen in my house.  BUT, if you  or someone you know is crafty, I found the website for you!

Make Baby has patterns to make the carrier of your choice for minimal cost.  The wrap is the easiest - 5 yards of fabric.  Done.  But, here is the pattern to make a Mei (may) Tai, which is like a more structured carrier, but with ties instead of buckles.  Keep skipping through their pages, and you'll find patterns for ring slings (I want one!), pouch slings, as well as the carriers listed above.  

Anyone want to make me a ring sling?

I hope this has helped any of you crafty baby-wearers out there!
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