Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disney "update"

Well, we're no longer Celebrating Every Day.  I hope they'll still have our buttons..

Disney has just made a big announcement:  the new campaign called "Let the Memories Begin."  They are setting up a hub online to upload family videos and photographs of your Disney vacations to be part of advertising.  Now, you and your family can be a part of the Disney commercials.  Not only will they be in commercials, but they'll be displayed at the Small World Ride - Disneyland  AND on the Cinderella Castle at WDW.  That's pretty cool.  

It also sounds like if you're using the Disney Photo Pass (castmember photographers), your pictures could be displayed as well.
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Okay, but in all reality, I've watched a 30+ minute "announcement" about the Disney Parks that ended up with the announcement of a new campaign?  Kind of silly if you ask me, but I guess the idea is pretty cool. 

What do you think?

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