Monday, September 13, 2010

Moms Panel

The application process is now open!! I spent much of the morning (okay, the past hour between dropping Noah off at daycare and getting ready for work) writing and revising my answers.  The application is really only 3 essay questions - and by essay, I mean 100 words or less.  And, if you've been reading my blogs for a while, you know I tend to ramble and write a lot, so this took some time!

If you're curious or want to apply, check out the Moms Panel recruiting site to learn more.  I'm not too confident about my answers this time around, but now I know what to expect for next year, right?

One of the questions asked how I've helped a non-family member plan their first trip.  I talked about how I helped Melissa think about using a baby carrier (moby) to carry Piper around the parks.  Though it wasn't Melissa's first trip, I'd like to think that moby really didn't help her for Piper's first trip!

Have we here with the Disney Babies blog helped you with your trip planning?  Do you have any questions we can answer for future trips?

Thanks for stopping by!

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