Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nap time!

No, no, not my nap time.  Actually, I'm writing this a few minutes before I go to bed for the night.  But, my thought today is about naps.  I think I tend to be a control freak.  This is somewhat new to me and only takes over specific parts of my life.  Currently, I tend to want to over control just about everything in my sons life: food, sleep, clothes, etc...   Unfortunately, during the normal work week, I have to relinquish that control to his daycare 'teachers.'   I've written long pages of instruction, talked my head off, brought in my own homemade food, etc... but he still ends of napping sporadically and snacking more than I would prefer.  But, it's daycare and I have to accept when there are 4 screaming babies per worker, if a cracker or puff keeps one child happy, it has to happen sometimes.

The difference: when he's on my watch, he naps pretty close to clockwork (9 and 1), eats on schedule, and does very little snacking.  

But, how can we keep the same schedule on vacation?  Taking 2 naps per day would kill a vacation in the parks, right?  Well, it depends on the baby.  Apparently, some babies fall asleep easily and take naps in their strollers.  At least, I've heard this happens.  Noah has, on rare occasions, fallen asleep in his stroller.  Even knowing it's possible, I didn't want to count on that at Disney.

So, Mellie and I planned it in advance: every day, after lunch (or even before once or twice), we'd head back to the resort and put the babies down for naps.  And, most days, even my Noah fell asleep pretty easily and napped well enough to stay up past his usual 6 pm.  
making up for lost sleep!
Our recommendation is: if you can stay close enough to let the little ones have 1 good nap a day, your trip will probably have less melt downs. 

But, if you're lucky, you'll even find yourself with a child that can fall asleep in their stroller.  Good luck with that :)
A scene so rare, we had to capture it on 'film'
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