Sunday, September 5, 2010

Park update!

As I was set to write (and even began drafting) an entire blog rant about my dislike for Disney-created Schmiley Cyrus, I came across something exciting which I definitely prefer to write about (you hopefully you will enjoy to read about): a very kid-friendly update in EPCOT!

Currently, there is a scavenger hunt around EPCOT based on the cartoon Kim Possible, starring Even Stevens' Shia LaBeouf co-star Christy Carlson Romano, who has apparently been busy with college and even several movies, but hasn't been the voice of KP for several years.  Across the boards, there is constant discussion about how Disney is often behind their own trends.  I've heard people complain about Fantasyland and how all the rides are dated, though if they ever tried to do away with Peter Pan, I would boycott the parks altogether.  But, in some cases, I see how they're right (i.e. time to say goodbye to Stitch).

DIGRESSION!!  Anyhoo - the newest rumor is that Kim Possible will be replaced by Playhouse Disney's Special Agent Oso!  While S.A. Bear isn't Noah's (or my) personal favorite, it's targeted at young children with the goal of encouraging them to search the World Showcase for clues to solve their puzzle.  An educational game for young kids!  I could definitely see kids showing more interest in this than in mask making, though I'm sure some little ones do love making masks in the different countries.  

On the Playhouse Disney note - Noah has moved away from MMC.  While the cd is still in the car, it doesn't have nearly the same calming effect.   He now really enjoys the theme songs to Little Einsteins and even a few minutes of the actual show of Jungle Junction!  Now, when he's fussy we play the intro game and switch between the 3 theme songs for a few minutes.

Looking forward to the park update?  I've always wanted to try the scavenger hunt and I'll be excited when Noah is old enough to play!
And if anyone else wants to have a rant post on Miley Cyrus, I'd be happy to oblige :)

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