Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Running Must Have

When Adam and I went to the local running store to stuck up on running supplies (new shoes, socks, bras, goos, etc...), I found something.   Actually, I was staring off into space when the woman checking us out said "those are amazing.  I use mine every single time I run."  I looked into the direction when I say these cute little headbands.  They had a small selection, pink camo, pink plaid (mine!), and a few others.  The price was under $15, which seems ridiculous, but after everything else we'd splurged on, I decided to go ahead and toss one on the pile.

I didn't believe it until my first run.  My sticky band didn't move.  At all.  Over the years, I've tried several different versions of the standard headbands, but those don't even stay put while washing my face.  I was hoping to get a custom one for the Disney Half Marathon, but I just read the custom bands can only be made in orders of 200 or more... Maybe if enough of us request them, they'll make some Disney-related head bands.

Basically, they're simply headbands made with special materials so they do not move at all.  And, they're really cute.  Don't you think?
Pre-5k wearing my Sweaty Band
At the end of the run, I was tired, thirsty, and hungry, but my Sweaty Band hadn't budged.  I'm absolutely hooked and you should be, too!  

Aside from running, these head bands are adorable and are great for basically anyone with hair.  I plan to invest in a few more - they will definitely be with me in January, for the race and for our days in the Parks!

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**This is an honest testimonial.  I found them and since contacted Sweaty Bands to profess my love.**

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Jenn! They are so cute! I am going to invest in one, now I just have to pick one! Tough choice!