Saturday, September 11, 2010

Running update!

Training for a half-marathon seems insane, right?  I have a lot of coworkers who are regulars at marathons, triathlons, heck, 'even a few iron-man regulars (insane).  But to me, those 13.1 miles seem incredibly daunting.  Adam and I registered for this not exactly on a whim, but without having run in AGES.  I'm not even sure if I had started working out post-delivery when we registered for the January race. 

Well, we decided shortly after our first registration that maybe we should test the waters: run a 5k prior to January's race.  And today, we completed our first 5k.  We both set individual goals (Adam to take a few minutes off of his normal pace where as mine was to simply finish in a decent time) and did a pretty good job fulfilling those goals.  The course, however, was not a nice beginner course.  We started in front of a Chik-Fil-A, which does not smell good at 8 am when trying to run, and continued on around streets filled with businesses, hotels, and hills.  Who thought that was a good idea, huh!?  Neither one of us has done much hill training recently, so the course was much harder to run than our standard runs.  Plus, there were 2 turn arounds - a pretty boring run.

But, we both finished.  Adam finished about 2 minutes before me, and I had about as good a time as I possibly could have without any real speed or interval training in several years.  I used my phone's gps to track and my average miles were around 10:30, but my 1st mile was 10:05.. including the shuffling to actually start, so I'm awaiting my "official" time- but the clock read 32:11 when I crossed that finish line.  Definitely not great, but it gives me somewhere to start.  My next 5k goal (who knows when that will be) is to finish under 30.  I think that should be doable!

5k aside, the only race we have on the schedule is that pesky half marathon.  I'd do anything for a trip to WDW, wouldn't I?  oy vey...

Thanks for stopping by!

***Update: Official run time (chip time) 31:53.. I'll take it!***


  1. Did Noah run with you guys?

  2. No Noah.. I'll do short, slow runs with the stroller, but I'm not a huge fan of going more than 2 miles with that thing!

  3. Awesome!!! You are totally my inspiration for after our baby comes--you are a rock star!