Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Travel Tips Tuesday-Disney's Magical Express

Today's Tuesday Travel Tip is about Disney's Magical Express.  Our family has used Disney's Magical Express twice now, and both times we had very positive experiences.  The Magical Express is a shuttle bus that comes to the airport and picks up passengers to take them to one of the Disney resorts or to Port Canaveral for the Disney Cruise Line.  The first time we used the service was on our Honeymoon aboard the Disney Cruise Line 5 years ago.

Planning for the Magic Express Experience is incredibly simple, just make sure to register for the service before the trip.  After you register, they mail luggage tags with your name, resort name, or cabin number if you're going on a cruise.  We received one tag for each of us, but you can easily request more if you need them.  When you arrive at the airport, cast members pull your luggage at baggage claim, put it on their bus, and deliver it to you room.  This service really came in handy when traveling with the baby.  We checked our luggage at the New Orleans airport, and didn't see it again until it was delivered to our room.  The only downside is that you might not get your luggage until 3 hours after you check in.  Knowing that it would arrive after us, we made sure to have what we needed for that day in our carry on luggage, such as extra diapers, food, and swimsuits.  Our bags arrived at our room 1 1/2 hours after we checked in, so we really didn't have a problem.

When we boarded the bus after our flight, we took a short trip (35 min) and dropped off some people at the Pop Century Resort.  We arrived at our resort, The Caribbean Beach Resort, shortly thereafter.  It was nice not to have to worry about a rental car or paying a taxi.  This service is ABSOLUTELY free.  Plus, it saved us from having to travel with Piper's car seat.  When we used the Magical Express to go home, the bellman arrived at our room at 8:00 am (we had an 8:30 bus ticket), put our luggage in his van, and drove us to the lobby.  From the lobby, we loaded the bus and headed to the airport.  They also continue the magical experience both ways, showing cute videos all about Disney World. 

If you fly to Orlando, I highly recommend Disney's Magical Express Service.  It was awesome for us!

See ya real soon!

This is a picture of the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship from the front window of the Magical Express.

Newlyweds on the Magical Express.  See the Hidden Mickey over my shoulder?

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  1. I like this post very much as it tell us a very brief description about the disney bus and we can also travel with kids in this bus very conviniently.