Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Travel Tips Tuesday

Welcome to another addition of Travel Tips Tuesday!  As I was remembering things from our first Disney trip with our girl, then 6 months old, I started thinking about stroller choice.  We drove to the park, so we didn't use the Disney bus system at all on that trip, but the first thing I learned is that you will want a stroller that is easy to fold up.  Make sure not to store things under the stroller until you get INTO the park.  We first had to fold up the stroller to get on the Parking lot tram, though you'll have to fold them to get on the Disney buses as well.  Both the trams and the buses leave in a hurry, so we had very little time to fold up the stroller, much less to get the extra blankets (it was December) out from underneath so it would actually fold!  

Strollers are not allowed in the lines for the attractions, unless otherwise marked (like the Safari in AK) but even then, they make you park them.  Don't leave valuables (cameras, wallet, tickets) in the stroller, but I did leave blankets in there and they were never touched.  I love my stroller (it's one of those that's part of a travel system) because it reclines flat so my baby could nap easily, but it is bulky and while some people might rather take an umbrella stroller, ours just worked for us!

I also invested in a stroller cover, which not only proved invalauble in the winter wind, it kept the rain off her during our summer trip. 

Hope these help~
See ya real soon!

Stroller cover from far back and up close.

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