Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday - A Call to Action

In my search for other baby-wearing bloggers, I landed at Adventures in Babywearing - a mother of 4 who still, with her youngest now 2 years old, still wears her children regularly.  Impressive, right?  It seems that most stories are of women who carry their children for a few months and then move on. 
I don't wear Noah nearly as much as I used to, but he likes being independent - at least for short bursts of time.   

Just the other day, we went grocery shopping (Hooray for Wegmans!) and he thoroughly enjoyed being in the front of the cart... for a few rows.  Of course, I had to give him a snack (baby mum mum!) to keep him from screaming when he saw all the food, but it did work.  Near the end of the trip, I decided enough was enough.  I strapped on my new carrier and popped him in. I stood their and bounced him up and down, getting him giggly, while we were checking out - the cashier even assumed my back must hurt me every night.  She was shocked when I simply said "nope, not at all."

Anyways, to my original point.  Thanks to a couple of bad products, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is coming down hard on baby slings.  The purse slings were bad - they weren't NATURAL.  A regular sling carriers should hold the baby in the same position as your arms.  How is that bad?!  It's so natural.  It keeps a baby where it wants to be - in the parents arms - while still letting the mom move around, have a cup of coffee (or water!), and relax for a few minutes. 

Slings and other carriers have been used worldwide for pretty much ever, and it's unfortunate they're getting a bad wrap (bad pun?).

So now, in hopes to stop all the anti-baby wearing madness, Baby Wearing International has created International Babywearing Week!  From October 6th (today and Noah's 10 month date) through the 12th, we should all enjoy the benefits of wearing our kin.  In honor of this, I'll make Adam finally try on the carrier and walk around with the baby - front, back, and maybe even hip.  He'll LOVE it.  And so will you!

Wear your baby!  Prove to the CPSC that it's safe AND functional. 
Have a great baby wearing week.

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  1. You should get out your sling again and try it in a hip carry. I picked one up on clearance at the store (since I figure I'll use it someday when we have another baby in the far future), and take it with me for when I need to carry Andrew (18 months old- about 23 pounds) and need another hand- checking out at Costco, the Zoo, lunch buffet line,...) In the hip carry it is easy to put him in and take him out, since it's only for a few minutes at a time. Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures!