Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Wearing Wednesday - Daddy carries!

Several times a week, Adam, Noah, and I take walks around our neighborhood (think: Stars Hollow/Celebration in serious need of a Luke's diner!).  We switch between Noah in the stroller, her car buggy, and being worn.  If we decide to bring our two big mutts (60/80 pounders), then Noah has to be carried - both of those dogs are too much for one person successfully.  

Many of the pictures I've posted in the past have been from our neighborhood walks.  I usually throw on my wrap and carry him.  Most recently, I've tried to adjust both of us to our new carrier.  We tried a walk with him in a back carry, but he wasn't loving it.. forward is a little better.

And then, the other day, Adam decided it was his turn.  I took the more difficult dog, and he (well, I helped him) hooked on the carrier and we popped Noah inside.  He made me adjust the carrier for him, so it most likely wasn't as comfortable as could be, but it's the best we could do.  

Noah seemed to really enjoy being carried by his daddy for a change, but sadly, Adam didn't love it.  I wish I had ordered multiple carriers to test out the different styles and brands.  Maybe we could have found one that both Adam and I would have loved, but for now, we're adjusting to the one we have.  Please use this as a lesson for yourself!  

But, Adam does know - if he needs to be carried around the Marathon Expo in January, I will not be doing it by myself the whole time!

What are your favorite structured carriers?

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