Monday, October 11, 2010

Free movie?!

I just received an email from an old college friend and fellow Buffalonian about a freebie.  Hopefully this information can help some of you out!

Hi Jenn,
I thought maybe you'd want to post this on your blog to share with fellow Disney fanatics. I am getting Beauty and the beast for free because of this post on Couponing to Disney (minus the cost of food). And the Western Bagel Alternative Bagels are 1 WW point per bagel. I am really happy about those! Mine will be free because my walmart was selling it for 19.98. (So no price match needed). Here's the link. 
Toys R Us also has a great deal on it :
Love and Roses,

It's a shame I'd already purchased the movie in advance!!
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Hey. Thanks for stoping by my blog and pointing out my error on the military discount thing. I appreciate it!

  2. We picked up Beauty and the Beast DVD and Blu Ray with a Giant Eagle deal- 22.99-$10 coupon, plus we get 30 cents for our Fuelperks ($9.00 off when my husband refuels 30 gallons). Makes the movie cheap! We don't have a Blu-ray player hooked up yet, but we'll save them for Andrew to watch someday. We got Snow White this way too! Don't forget to get your Disney Movie Rewards points! Almost have enough to get some free rewards! (And I can get a free Blu Ray (plus S&H) on my Anniversary to their club) Check out for occassional codes.