Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hidden Mickey fun!

Something that we have done in our family for years is find Hidden Mickeys all over the Disney property.  The Imagineers were so clever; when the parks, hotels, and shops were designed they added Hidden Mickeys and other hidden characters all over.  It's lots of fun to play with your kids, especially when you are waiting in line.  My awesome friend, Jenn, gave me the Hidden Mickey book for my birthday this year, but I forgot it at home on our trip! :(  But, I spent many a night before our trip brushing up on my hidden characters. 

There are some "hidden" Mickeys that are plainly obvious, but others are cleverly hidden, and finding those makes you feel a sense of accomplishment!!!  You've probably seen one of the ones in the Haunted Mansion.   In dining room scene with all the dancing ghosts, there are 3 plates on the table arranged in a classic Mickey shape.  But have you ever seen this one?  As you float under a bridge in Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a pirate with his leg hanging down.  Have you ever noticed that he has a Mickey on his hat (the skull's left eye is a classic Mickey)?!  If you are like me, you're just looking at his dirty feet!

It's really a fun thing to do as a family, and the book even gives you points for spotting hidden characters!  I know when we return to the parks with Piper she will love spotting Mickey!  Anytime she sees that shape, she calls out, "Mickey"!
Have fun!

See ya real soon!

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  1. I had no idea this existed! I'm definitely going to have to check this out before we make a trip there!