Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jenny's Family Vacation: Part 2

Planning for her vacation, Jenny came up with some very standard questions - questions that every family traveling to Disney asks, but the answers can't be told enough.  

Traveling with 2 little babies, Jenny asked about strollers.

Seems obvious enough, right?  Traveling to the parks before having a baby, I saw the strollers everywhere and thought they sounded like a good idea...  BUT then it's down to the facts.

The stroller rentals are not cheap.  A single stroller is $15 a day/$13 for multiple days and a double stroller is $31/$27.  There are Orlando area stroller rental companies as well.  I've seen some good reviews, but have no personal experience, so I can't personally recommend any.  Plus, it's best to have your children comfortable and in familiar strollers.  We borrowed an umbrella stroller from my sister-in-law for our trip a few months before we traveled to Florida and tried our best to acclimate Noah to that stroller.  While he prefers his big running stroller, there was no chance we were going to travel with that beast of a stroller!

And of course, I recommended that she get a comfortable carrier (wrap!) for her little Eli.  He'll be 9 months at the time, but if she continues to wear him from time to time, he'll most likely have no problem being worn from time to time in the parks.  Plus, they'll all be happier when their arms aren't about to fall off from standing in lines!  Both Noah and Piper spent much time in their wraps at the parks - it allowed for easy naps whenever and wherever.  

Part 3 will include the rides that both Eli and Tiger (awesome!) can ride on...  and probably some other tips and tricks for the amazing trip they have planned!

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  1. I agree about familiar strollers. Many kids need that security to retreat to when they get cranky. Plus, for the cost of a rental you could buy an inexpensive one and donate it when you're done (say if your kids are on the cusp of not needing one anymore back home) to some momma who needs it!

    PS: I finally cleaned up my links and linked to you. Thanks for stopping by the blog.