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Jenny's Family Vacation: Part 4 - time for the rides, EPCOT style

Unlike the Magic Kingdom, there are far fewer rides to think about at the other parks.  These two parks consist of many more "attractions" and while they don't necessarily have as many of the big pulls like Space Mountain, they both have plenty of entertainment for the whole family.  For me personally, DHS and AK are a half-day parks.  Without a park hopper, I usually skip them altogether (but, if I don't have a park-hopper, I'm usually only there for 1-2 days.  Magic Kindgom and EPCOT always win).  EPCOT has become much more of a must-see over the past few years, but I know many feel that it is not a full-day park.  But today, we'll continue with:


Rope Drop!  Though, it's not as big of a show as at AK or MK, I recommend being there for the beginning for 1 easy reason: Soarin' Fast Pass.  Actually, on our last day of our trip in June (my 29th birthday!!), we started at EPCOT and ran to Soarin' where Adam and I were on the 2nd "flight" of the day.  No Fast Pass needed.  

Remember, there are several other rides around EPCOT that rarely have any line at all, so if you want the most efficient day in the park, start at the big pulls (Soarin', Test Track, Mission: Space).  Skip Spaceship Earth for later on in the day - getting away from the crowds, naptime, nursing, and head to the big money rides.

Test Track - Another 40" minimum.  Much less of a must-ride for me, personally, but some love it.

Mission: Space - With a minimum of 44", Tiger will most definitely have to wait for his 2nd visit to WDW to ride to Mars.  But, as I see it, that's just fine.  I still feel sea-sick after that first ride.   

*Ellen's Energy Adventure- This ride is suitable for all ages, but incredibly long.  At just under 50 minutes from start of the video to the end of the ride, don't start this one with a hungry child.  For a tired child or one needing to nurse, though, this ride is perfect.  

The Land Pavilion - home to Soarin', a couple of restaurants, and a few rides, there is plenty to keep busy while 1 parent (and hopefully 1 stretching child) ride on Soarin'!
Soarin' - For Jenny and Aaron, unless Tiger has a big growth spurt, they will need to use the Rider Swap feature on this ride and ride alone.  With a minimum of 40", little Eli will have to sit this one out, but Tiger will be right on the fence.  Still - it's absolutely worth a flight, so hopefully they can make it worthwhile!
*Living with the Land - 14 minutes long and often empty, this peaceful boat ride floats through a working greenhouse and is both educational (a key feature of EPCOT) and interesting.
*Circle of Life - This 20 minute film is an educational film aiming to teach children about the environment and how to be environmentally friendly.  

Imagination Pavillion
*Captain EO- Starring Michael Jackson, this 20 minute 3D film from the 80's is now back.  If you like his music or just need a break, this would be a good stop.
Journey into Imagination with Figment- This ride is adorable for children of all ages!  Piper was frightened by a loud noise at 6 months, but Noah didn't even blink, so just know that they may jump!
** Located in the lobby after the ride is a musical learning section - conduct your own orchestra!  I love stopping by for a minute every time we're there!

Split into 2 buildings, Innoventions is filled with hands-on learning experiences and games for children and adults.  Check out more information about Innoventions at their new website!

The World Showcase
Consisting of 11 countries around a 1+ mile lagoon, there are shops, restaurants,and activities in each pavilion.  The only rides in the showcase are:
Maelstrom - located in the Norway Pavilion.  There is no height requirement, but there is 1 drop and I've definitely heard more than one child be scared..  and..
The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros - inside the Mexican pyramid Pavilion, this ride is suitable for everyone.  It's a gentle boat ride and unless your child has a fear of Donald Duck singing, than you should be fine.

While Maelstrom occasionally has a wait time, it's very rare to see The Gran Fiesta Tour have any line at all.  

And, of course, there is a Baby Care Center in EPCOT (as there are in each park) located almost all the way towards the World Showcase.  If you're running into the park with a hungry baby, do what I did: get comfy on Spaceship Earth!

EPCOT definitely became more detailed than expected.  Up next: Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios, and any other questions that may need to be answered.

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*denotes rides recommended for nursing

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  1. Thanks again, Jenn! Reading your posts is making me so excited to get there!! This is awesome.